Partner & Advisors

The best possible qualifications and expertise for the individual needs of the client

Jasmin Ghandchi Schmid


Jasmin has a broad and long-term experience in national and cross-border transactions and projects. She is proud to have built long-term relationships with clients that appreciate her as an advisor that contributes beyond the mere legal issues.

Jasmin is passionate about understanding the client’s business, goals to be achieved and helping clients to make informed decisions in a fast-changing, competitive world. Her core practice areas include new technologies, start-ups, financial services, real estate, corporate and commercial matters and private clients.


Associated advisors

If required by the specific case we work closely with a team of associated advisors, such as attorneys specialised in niche industries or tax advisors. Members of the team of associated advisors are involved for a holistic solution due to their special expertise or for capacity reasons.

The selection criteria is the best in class approach – best possible qualifications and expertise regarding the individual need of the client. The cooperation with the associated advisors is based on a long-term experience and a strong mutual trust.

International Network

Based on the long-term experience in cross border transactions, Ghandchi Schmid Partners has access to an extensive network of the brightest and the best correspondent law firms throughout the world.

We work closely and regularly with experts in a variety of areas of law. Again no exclusivity exists. Therefore, the sole selection criteria is the best possible qualification and expertise for meeting the needs of the specific mandate, and a good fit for our client.