We provide a full range of legal services through our network of associated advisors, foreign law firms and interdisciplinary experts



Working in larger law firms for over 20 years Jasmin Ghandchi became convinced that digitalization and transformation of the business would not only fundamentally change the clients’ businesses but would also change the needs of the clients and would affect the legal services industry.

In 2009, she founded a law firm boutique that can provide the full range of legal services through her network of associated advisors, foreign law firms and interdisciplinary experts. This allows to support the clients in various areas professionally and  efficiently and assist them to navigate change. The digitalization of the legal industry has and will continue to make lawyers more and more redundant for certain work and urges the lawyers to focus on bespoke advice.


Find best possible solutions in an efficient way

A multi-specialist approach, single point of contact, as well as involvement of advisors that are best qualified for the particular situation allow us to efficiently achieve the best possible solution for our clients.

The attorney in charge offers comprehensive advice due to its extensive expertise and works together with the client to identify the relevant questions. The attorney in charge also consults with experts chosen from our team of associated advisors in Switzerland, as well as a broad international network, if required by the specific case. Since no exclusivity with the associated advisors or the correspondent law firms abroad exist the choice of the partners is exclusively defined by the interests of our clients.




Trust is the basis of our work. Our activities are based on a relationship with our clients characterized by trust and reliability. We assist clients as advisors, provide services tailored for the particularities of each case, creating value for our clients.


We are not satisfied to simply provide professional answers to legal questions. Rather, we aim to work with our clients towards comprehensive solutions, providing a legal perspective to the larger framework.


Service and client-orientation is a main aspect of our work. The personal and individual interests of our clients are our priority in reviewing legal questions and finding solutions.


Creating value means weighing risk and return in an entrepreneurial way. With our commitment and know how we provide the basis for our clients to assess risks on an informed basis – and to make decisions on such basis.